Poem written on the 30th anniversary of the fall of South Vietnam.

Australian Military Forces Pocketbook on South Vietnam used by Gunner Ken Dea

During the battle at Long Tan I was busily trying to get myself below ground

On 27 May 1965, the New Zealand Government, after a great deal of anguish and

On 18 August 1966, D Company of

The Tet Offensive was a major surprise attack on South Vietnam orchestrated b

In December 1974 the Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam launched a series

Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral were established by

The battles for Coral and Balmoral in South Vietnam during May-June 1968 were

The deployment of the 1ATF can

On the 23rd May, OC B

We patrolled in 2 platoon company size groups for several more days with only

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