I have never had any regrets about Viet Nam.

The CSM once cleared the mess whe

Going for a crap was the most hazardous thing one could do some times.

The Ballad of Whisky Three was something that came about after hearing

Our last operation was a patrol from Fire Support Base Jill down to the Fires

There were a lot of unpleasant wildlife in Viet Nam, snakes and other reptile

We were a pretty smelly lot after a four-week long operation.

There was gear for every occasion in Viet Nam all there to help the infantry

Ambushing tracks made up a great deal of our operations.

Booby traps were along with mines was a fairly common defensive and ambush we

Medical evacuation of wounded was carried out by helicopter.

Operations in Viet Nam were usually of four to six week duration and were con

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