Use the Vietnam List to search for New Zealanders who served in the Republic of Vietnam 1964-1975. The Vietnam List is an updated version of New Zealand's original Vietnam nominal roll – the Flinkenberg List – compiled by Captain Con Flinkenberg in 1972. Name, rank and unit information are from New Zealand military pay records. Read more about the revised Vietnam List. Please email if you would like to suggest changes to this roll.

Name Initials Rank Service No.sort descending
Thom KN Sgt 828130 more details
Tate JM Sgt 828682 more details
Tikao TCP Gnr 832588 more details
Turner AM Fg Off 84313 more details
Thompson PA Gnr 845315 more details
Thoreau PR Pte 901672 more details
Thompson LJ Wg Cdr 920114 more details
Tuhura OBG Pte 938856 more details
Taylor LH Sgt 972408 more details
Timu ET Pte 977698 more details
Tangiora THH Pte 982371 more details
Templeton LN LCpl 982642 more details
Te Whata J LCpl 983655 more details