The Ballad of Whisky Three - Song

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The Ballad of Whisky Three was something that came about after hearing the American Green Beret song The Ballad of the Green Beret by Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler.

The SAS were always referred to and pronounced as "Sass" as in lass. New Zealand troops in Viet Nam were very close and Victor Company, 161 Battery and the SAS were always welcome in each others lines even better if Isabel Beaumont the Red Cross lady or any of the Kiwi nursing sisters were there.

Put two full cans in a Kiwi's hand
Let them see they're a Yankee brand
Get him drunk and let him sing
And soon this bar will really swing
Sass have come to have a beer
161 and Victor have come to add their noise
Cos they're all New Zealand boys


Put high boots on a Kiwis feet
Make him one of the world's elite
Give him bush and month long ops
And soon its clear a Kiwis tops

Major T has just come out
There's a yell of make him shout
The OC stands and tries to say
You all go home in a week today
That is what we want to hear
The rest is drowned in a mighty cheer
The pace resumed is much the same
But we have finished this deadly game

Back at home our kinfolk wait
They're not sure of the pull out date
They'll be glad we're finished here
For they've been worried all this year
But Sass and Victor have to stay
And 161 to make Charley pay
We leave behind some real good mates
But they'll come home at later dates

The Kiwi Sisters and Isabel too
Deserve the praise that they are due
Thanks to them the boys get well
A stay in bed is a damn good spell
They've done the job and there's no fuss
You'll never hear those nurses cuss
So thank you girls for a job well done
War is hell it ain't no fun

Civvies don't know how we work
Think this trip's another perk
They've never seen Gooks face to face
They've never tried our jungle pace
They've never seen a mate bad hurt
With his blood in Viet Nam's dirt
So don't protest when we get back
The weight's in our's and not your pack

Peter M. Anderson, W3 Coy, 1969-70

Read more about Peter Anderson's experience here.


Courtesy Peter M. Anderson

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