Brian Edmonds and Jim Breen

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Brian Edmonds and Jim Breen, December 1968

Myself and Sergeant Jim Breen drinking beer sent to them by the Band of the RNZA, Christmas 1968. The band was a well known Auckland icon, which could trace its origins back over 100 years. It was led by Mayor Fred Smyth MBE for many years. Although a TF unit the odd RF soldier played in it from time to time - including Bruce Elder, Jim Breen and myself.


Image courtesy Brian Edmonds


Submitted by BryanBreen on Tuesday, 21 April 2009 - 10:45pm


Dear Brian,

I was searching the internet to show my children about Vietnam and where their Grandfather Jim served. I found your photo. Thankyou so much. Brings back memories of my father before he became ill.


Bryan Breen

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