RNZAF supply flight staff, Singapore

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RNZAF supply flight staff, Singapore, 1971

RNZAF supply flight staff at Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC) Tengah Air Base, December 1971. Neville Farquhar is second from right.

Left to right: Ahmed, LEC (Locally Employed Civilian); Cpl Peter Stewart; Cpl Jim Ashby, Supplier; F/L Bill Shotton, Supply Flight Commander; Cpl Jim Duncan, Supplier; Cpl Dennis Chaney, Supplier; Sgt John Wright, MT; Sgt John Rodgers, Supplier, NCO i/c Supply Flight; Cpl Neville Farquhar, Supplier; LAC Wayne Herdman, Supplier


Neville Farquhar


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From the left: Ahmed, our LEC (locally employed civilian); in the black shorts (name forgotten); behind him Cpl Jim Ashby, next our Flight Commander Flight Lieutenant Bill Shotton, behind him partly obscured Cpl Jim Duncan, next to him at the back Cpl Dennis Chaney, in front of him the MT Sergeant (name forgotten), Behind him second from right Sgt John Rodgers NCO i/c Supply Flight, front right is me aged 21, rear right LAC Wayne Herdman.



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The person in the black shorts is Cpl Peter Stewart, who recently made contact having seen this photo. 

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