The USARV Band - 1RNZIR Band Tour

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The USARV Band plays for the New Zealanders at Long Binh - 1RNZIR Band Tour, 1969

31 October 1969: The New Zealanders are entertained by the USARV Band during their visit to Long Binh. Watch a photo slideshow of the 1RNZIR Band tour here.

Our destination was the 93rd EVAC US Hospital. At 1100 hours after coffee and hotdogs we set up the stage for a concert. We were very pleased to meet members of the USARV Band, resident locally. After lunch in the hospital canteen we did reciprocal performances with the USARV Band. This was a real bandsman's occasion, which the members of each band enjoyed immensely.

Major Jim Carson (1934-2008), 1RNZIR Bandmaster

Image courtesy Jim Carson

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