V2 Company - Gary Hunt photographs

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Soldiers in green uniforms exit aeroplane.

Selection of photographs taken by Gary Hunt in Vietnam during his tour of duty with V2 Company, 1967–1968.

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Trudy Hunt


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1st Photo:  Crossing the tarmac.  WO2 Dave Faulkner, CSM, Victor 2 on right of photo.

3rd Photo:  Bruce Levy closest to camera with Marty Doak on his left.

5th Photo:  Tony McLachlan, V2 Transport NCO

6th Photo:  John Kinane possibly, 2 Section, 4 Platoon

10th Photo:  Bill Te Rangi the machine gunner in 2 Section, 4 Platoon, possibly talking to Kani White the machine gunner in 3 Section, 4 Platoon.  Looks like Eddie Harmer, cover scout, 2 Section, 4 Platoon on left edge of photo.

11th Photo:  Syd Grace, Sect 2ic, 2Section, 4 Platoon

14th Photo:  Smoke rounds impacting to the front of the Horseshoe feature.

15th Photo:  Taken at one of the checkpoints at the Horseshoe.  Possibly Gary King, Sect Comd, 2 Section, 4 Platoon on the right of the photo with John Kinane on his right.

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