Victor 3 Company O Group

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Victor 3 Company O Group, March 1969

Members of 1 Platoon, Victor 3 Company during an O Group meeting. This photo was taken in March 1969 during Operation Federal in Bien Hoa Province. It shows MFC Larry Southern teaching Section Commanders Junior Manihera, 'Spy' Rogatski and Dave Ropeta how to use a Bic pen.

In the background, reading a paper, is Platoon Signaller Hardie Martin - he already knows how to use a pen, in fact it was probably stolen from him. The Platoon Commander, Mike Farland is displaying a high level of alertness. It is thought that he also knows how to use a pen - probably from close observations of the overworked Platoon Signaller.


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The AN/BIC 7.62mm pen was probably one of the most effective tools used during the Viet Nam era.

Many a soldier used this fearsomely accurate weapon to poke 7.62mm holes in the appropriate place on a shooting target thereby gaining time to indulge in more important soldier activities such as goofing off.

The accuracy of the AN/BIC 7.62 is such that, if it were used in combat, the war could have been over within weeks.

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