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New Zealand's Vietnam War

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New Zealand military personnel and civilian volunteers served in the jungles, skies, hospital wards, training camps, and offices of South Vietnam from 1963 to 1975.

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  • I took a pic of Dad's photo that has the names on it. The pic was a bit blurry, so I apologise if I do accidently get any wrong, but I am pretty sure I have got them all right.

    These are all the names in order for 2 Platoon.

    4th Row (L to R): Ptes Wilson DRN; Wedderel KT; Orbell DJ; Whibley RG.

    3rd Row (L to R): Ptes Preston GJ; Roberts H; Allan AGM; Williams SG; Horne GM; Harding JH; Leathem BC; Dil RJ; Brown LE.

    2nd Row (L to R): Ptes Shand DR; Powell LG; Tither NC ; Martin NL; Tahere NW; Beverly DD; Renata MT; Michie IE; Robinson JT.

    1st Row (L to R): Pte Hollis GJ; Lcpl Scia Scia PLR; Cpl Walker WJ; Sgt Johnson VR; Lt RS Miller; Cpl Dolan J; Cpl Perry WL; Lcpl Bensemann DI

  • Noel;

    Thanks for sharing.  Did you realise sexual dysfunction can be atributed to PTSD?  Of course you may not have this problem.  Also sleep disorder can probably be  attributed as well.  From Kindle you can get "the complete guide to a good nights sleep".  This book opened my eyes, so to speak.  I haven't tried for this because I am on the maximum pension now.  I am damaged by PTSD but still live a good lifestyle and I have even moved back into a mens choir which is a big improvement but I still have difficulty in belonging to groups.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Dennis Griffin Victor 2