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New Zealand's Vietnam War

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New Zealand military personnel and civilian volunteers served in the jungles, skies, hospital wards, training camps, and offices of South Vietnam from 1963 to 1975.

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  • With the passing of Matiu many of us will remember a man of integrity, loyalty and kindness. A great soldier, leader, friend, husband and father of his children. Matiu, e hare ke e korero tuake i tenei, "haere ki te wahi ngaro ki te taumata wairua o te kainga hakamutunga mo te tangata. Ma te atua koe e okioki". "Although you are lost to us you have joined the chiefs in the home that all will eventual arrive at. The lord anoints you in his presence".

    Among other things I remember Matiu for the fact he was not the loud boisterous NCO that, in those days was what the army encouraged young emerging NCO's to be. Never the less he was as efficient as any in that era. He was a fun person as well. Hailing from Te Tairawhiti he never missed a chance to promote his mountain "Hikurangi" when the occasion arose. A veteran of the Malay Emergency he went on to be one of only two Maori CSM's appointed to a Rifle Company in Vietnam. In General Pearce's Battalion of the 1961/63 deployment to Malaysia he was alongside Padre Whakahuihui Vercoe his wife Doris and Mat Edwards a driving force of the Maori Cultural Group. In his later years he was commissioned and although I lost contact with him I am sure he would have been a respected officer.

    Recently I saw two photos. One was of WO2 Eddie Tataurangi, Sgt Joe Murray, Sgt Ra Paenga and WO1 Crete Haami the other was of WO1 Bob Hewlett and WO1 Ross Hardie. All these were soldier friends of Matiu's along with the many others who preceded him. In my view these were the soldiers who shaped the NZ Army's Infantry soldier into being jungle fighters without peer.

    So............E kore ratau ekorohektia penei kia tatau kua mahue nei

                   E kore ratau e ngokore ahakoa te ahuatanga o te ra

                   I te hekenga atu o te ra tainoa ki te arangamai i te ata

                   Ka momahara matau kia ratau

    Richard (Dick) Shepherd

    Te Whare Tapu O Ngapuhi

    - Tamajr
  • I took a pic of Dad's photo that has the names on it. The pic was a bit blurry, so I apologise if I do accidently get any wrong, but I am pretty sure I have got them all right.

    These are all the names in order for 2 Platoon.

    4th Row (L to R): Ptes Wilson DRN; Wedderel KT; Orbell DJ; Whibley RG.

    3rd Row (L to R): Ptes Preston GJ; Roberts H; Allan AGM; Williams SG; Horne GM; Harding JH; Leathem BC; Dil RJ; Brown LE.

    2nd Row (L to R): Ptes Shand DR; Powell LG; Tither NC ; Martin NL; Tahere NW; Beverly DD; Renata MT; Michie IE; Robinson JT.

    1st Row (L to R): Pte Hollis GJ; Lcpl Scia Scia PLR; Cpl Walker WJ; Sgt Johnson VR; Lt RS Miller; Cpl Dolan J; Cpl Perry WL; Lcpl Bensemann DI