Hector Tipene

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Hector Tipene, circa 1964
This is my brother Hector Tipene (around 1964). He passed away in 1993 and I would love to hear anything about his time in the Army.

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Hi, I'm not sure when "Tip" joined the New Zealand Army, but he was on Basic 65 with us in June-September 1968. He was a likable "Ole" fella, and being 30 something years old, he was one of the oldest on our basic whom we all called grandpa, along with another very fine "Ole" gentleman called Whatarangi. Both of them being in their early 30's. I mean, they were "old", with the rest of us mostly under 25, and some of us barely 20 years old. Tip was a very fine gentleman, in all respects. A small group of us who knew him actually went to his funeral. Bulldog Te Aweawe, Fred Campbell, Ted Scott, the late "Croc" Rissetto, myself and I think it was Wini Ashby. There could've been others whom I can't remember now unfortunately.
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