Rugby match at Ba Ria - Film

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Silent film footage of a rugby match played between 161 Battery RNZA (maroon jerseys) and 6RAR (black jerseys) at Ba Ria, South Vietnam in 1966. Watched by a crowd of military personnel and bemused locals, the match was played on a soccer field – note the improvised goalposts and the white tape used to mark out the ground. The final score of the match is unknown.

Do you remember the game or recognise anyone in the film? If so, please post a comment below.


The film was recorded by David Roberts (1937–2005). Reproduced courtesy Marie Roberts


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If this is the game that I participated in it was played in four quarters - one rugby, one league, one Aussie Rules and one Gridiron. I don't believe anybody kept the score; it was just a great time had by all.

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